1)  Be nice

It seems like it’s a given but always go above and beyond to be kind in our experimental community. Diversity and inclusion is cornerstone of our core values, when people from different backgrounds and walks of life come together harmoniously; it is a beautiful experience. Perhaps try to share something every day or perform a random act of kindness with a new member of our community. Leave your ego at the door and always remember Babylon is the world that we want in our every day lives. Free of judgment and prejudice.

2)  Leave no trace

We are a ‘leave no trace’ festival it’s important when you come to Babylon you leave the land the way in which you found it upon arriving. There are many important factors to consider in doing this –

– Plan ahead and prepare – Consider the goal of leaving no trace before you leave for Babylon. Gather local information of the land and communicate expectations to those you’re camping with. Build ‘leave no trace into your plans’ by allowing plenty of time to travel and set up camp.

– Travel and camp on durable surfaces – Ensure you camp within the selected roped off area for the festival, as these are always situated away from young trees, meadow grass, leaf litter, fragile soil, gravelly river banks and rain forest moss. All very important aspects of the ecosystem that we would like to leave untouched. Unfortunately, trampling causes vegetation damage and soil erosion in virtually every environment. Recovery that can take a year in some environments might take 25 years in others. We want to reduce our impact as much as possible.

– Dispose of waste properly – Any user land used for recreational purposes has a responsibility to clean up before they leave. Inspect your campsite and rest areas for rubbish or spilled foods. Pack out all rubbish and kitchen waste, including leftover food. DO NOT just leave it all to our fantastic waste team, don’t be selfish. Think of the impact your actions have on the environment and others.

– Leave what you find, please do not take from the natural environment

– Total Fire Ban. Wildfire destroys thousands of kilometres of bush each year in Australia. Many of these fires are either carelessly, purposefully or accidentally set by uninformed campers and travellers. We directly back onto a national park and our festival is set in the heart of summer so we can’t stress enough the importance of the total fire ban.

– Respect wildlife – Encounters with wildlife inspire tall tales and long moments of wonder. Unfortunately, wildlife around the world faces threats from loss and fragmentation of habitat, invasive species, pollution, over-exploration, poaching and disease.

– Be considerate of your hosts and other visitors – We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging and also to the landowners of the land we dance on – the Dja Dja Warung clan.

3)  Consider your impact

Babylon continues to strive to be a fully ‘green’ event. We consider all facets of the environment, to minimise the negative impact our festival has on it’s surroundings. Such examples on minimising impact on the environment include reduction of waste and energy, use of fair trade or organic food, using locals suppliers and local sources & services and educating ourselves on various green initiatives.

– Green Transportation – Air travel has the highest carbon footprint and if possible, an alternative should be considered for our interstate friends, train and coach travel are less intensive and as the terminals are centrally located, it further reduces the need for taxi transfers etc. Consider using Babylon’s bus services powered by green energy to get participants to the venue, Car pooling is also very much encouraged.

– Waste – While most of our waste issues are discussed in ‘Leave No Trace’ we do have a growing tend of people leaving their tents behind when they leave. There is a myth among audiences that tents left behind will be recycled or sent to charitable organisations, but very few tents are in good enough condition to do so, particularly when the weather has been bad. The fact is that most camping supplies left behind end up in landfill. We also have a composting pit at Babylon so it’s important that all waste food scraps etc are placed in the right area so we can ensure recycling gets recycled and food scraps get to our composing pit.

– Plastic Bottles – We took the radical step of banning the sale of water in plastic bottles at our event last Summer, instead we encouraged people to bring a single vessel container and sold our own vessel and had multiple use stations of water around the venue.

4)  Look after yourself and our community

Babylon is a place of unbelievable stimulation. It can be easy to forget to eat and sleep. If you’re feeling off, pay attention to your body and if you’re feeling hungry, angry, lonely or tired then take a break and give your body what it needs: A nap, a calm yoga session, some nourishing food, nurture yourself. Always look for similar signs with friends and if anything seems wrong or unusual please visit any of our two harm minimisation tents (Dancewise / Hathor Dome) or a medical tent.

5)  A better world

Our experimental community is set far away, isolated from our every day worries and life. While we want to enjoy our time in our hedonistic nirvana it’s important to understand this gathering is much more than simply looking within. We strive to be an ego free, caring and inclusive space that celebrates art and music and is respectful of the land and our environment. If you can’t uphold these core pillars then Babylon isn’t the festival for you. Let’s be protective of these core pillars so we can gather and enjoy our time together for many more years to come.