Arts & Workshops Space

Positive Masculinity and Connectedness

This workshop is a facilitator-led group discussion on how we can bring more aspects of Positive Masculinity into our lives and into the world. How by healing our past and present emotional wounds in the company of Men, we can shift into new, positive and productive ways of being with ourselves, our families, communities and relationships.

Crystal Necklace Workshop / Magical Babylon Macrame Workshop

In this workshop each participant will have the opportunity to create a beautiful, hand crafted Macrame pouch necklace. Everything will be explained step by step and every participant will be able to choose their own crystal for a personal connection. We will be working with natural waxed vegan cotton cord in various colours and wooden beads. Beautiful crystals are included for everyone. This workshop is easy, fun and each participant will go home with a beautiful handmade memory of Babylon 2018

Mayan Astrology

Would you like to wake up every morning, knowing what Auric Energy Mother Earth is emitting and what it means. To know exactly what intentions to send out to your Quantum field and create the day in harmony with all others! Imagine KNOWING what energy you and another make together, knowing the real reason you are sharing the same reality! Or best yet, “Knowing” the way that is best suited for you to walk your life’s path and forfill the whole reason you are here! This is just a taste of the Mayan Wisdom!!

Pre-Party Pilates

Pre-Party Pilates is a workshop designed to invigorate the body and mind and prevent muscle soreness and damage during the days of dancing which will undoubtedly follow. The majority of this 90-minute session will focus on stretching the key muscle groups and joints. Attendees will also be taught how to self-massage in order to improve blood flow. The session will end with a short but relaxing meditation.

Dream Catcher Creation Workshop

In this workshop people can make their own sustainable Dream Catchers from sticks, bird feathers, string and beads. This workshop is a great opportunity to mix with people and relax in an artistic environment whilst creating something beautiful. People can hang their Dream Catchers up at their campsite and then take them home as a souvenir of the festival.

Henna Tattoo Workshop

Ever wanted that certain tattoo but always worried about the consequences of it being with you forever…? Well join this workshop an indulge in the temporary body art that is a Henna Tattoo – Learn about the history, and supplies of henna tattooing practice this beautiful art from and finally, create a henna tattoo on you.

Integrative Discussion on Navigating 5D Consciousness and the Singularity of the Multiverse

This workshop is designed for adepts who are familiar with the Workshop terminology, and is provided as a shared collective safe place to process the information currently arriving through portal activation from what we currently understand to be 5D consciousness into 3D matrix reality.

Face & Body Painting Workshop

A fun into to face and body painting, covering technique, materials, different styles & Designs, industry start up tips.

Modular Synth Class

Ever wondered how to make music using a modular synthesiser? Join us at this workshop and we will share our tricks and tips on modular synthesis and how you can get started making your own music.

Budding Questions*

We will explore how and why medical cannabis legislation and regulations have evolved in Australia and around the world and the challenges and opportunities which currently face doctors, patients, growers, researchers and other members from across the supply chain. Additionally, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the emerging political/economic trends and investments opportunities within the medical cannabis industry.

Connection through Creativity workshop

Participants in this workshop are guided into an authentic Connection with each other and their unique Creativity through the art of face and body painting. Breath work, Deep Ecology and creative techniques are used to encourage the exploration of self and others through imagination and play.

Handstand & partner balance workshop

Classes start with a yoga & dance based warm up, handstands, partner balancing – usually with one person upside down, and a partner stretching warm down.

Introduction to POI spinning & the flow arts

Poi are weighted objects on the ends of tethers that are spun around the body as a performance art. Participants will make their own pair of practice poi, learn foundational techniques for developing fluidity of movement, and will leave with an experiential understanding of what draws people to the flow arts and why many refer to them as “moving meditation.” The class is appropriate for all skill levels and is particularly suited to those who have never spun before.

Eye gazing the art of connection

The class begins with a short introduction to the practice of eye-gazing and the power of this practice in a society where genuine human connection is sometimes hard to come by. From there, we will split into pairs and begin, starting with just 1 minute to ease people into it the art of eye-gazing before going into some longer stares be prepared to make incredible connections.



Face Painting

Come and have your face painted by one of our special Play Pen Artist’s, whatever design you want we will try and deliver.

Hooping Workshop

Come Hula Hoop till your hearts content at our Play Pen Hoola Hooping workshop.

Sock Wrestling Championship

Fancy yourself The Babylon Sock Wrestling Champion? Bring an old sock and let’s get ready to rumble.

Circus Playspace

A space setup with circus toys available for 40+ people.
We will facilitate the space encouraging people to play, providing beginners lessons, sharing advanced tricks as well as inspiring a playful vibe.
it will feature POI, Hoops, Staffs, Flag Poi, Devil Stix, Training Stilts and more…