Here is a list of questions we have been asked at Babylon, that you may find useful.

This is an over 18s event. Please bring a great attitude towards one another and the friendly staff and campers on site.

How do I purchase tickets?

You will find links to buy tickets on the top navigation bar of this site, or by following this link to our ticketing provider, Universe.

Is Babylon an all ages event?

Babylon is a strictly 18+ event.

Does my name need to be on the ticket?

Yes.  Please follow the links below to make a name change – 

Transfers & Ticket Editing

When do I receive my ticket?

Tickets purchased through Universe have been sent out, and all new purchases will be issued with tickets directly after purchase.

I have purchased a “Glamping Package” or a ``Bamping Package``, does this include entry to the Festival?

No. You still need to buy tickets for group. You will be sent arrival instructions via email weeks leading up to the event.

Do we have to pay for parking and camping?

Camping is included in your ticket. A car pass is $20 per vehicle and can be purchased when buying a ticket from Universe.

Are Camper-Vans/RVs allowed? Is there a separate area for RVs? Is there a fee for bringing an RV?

Camper-vans are welcome at Babylon. There will be no extra fee for bringing a camper-van.

What food and beverages will be on site and what will we be able to bring?

Food and sealed non-alcoholic beverages will be permitted into the Event Site, but please note, there are no cooking facilities. The contents of any unsealed plastic water bottles will not be permitted into the Event Site but unsealed EMPTY plastic water bottles (no glass) are permitted into the Event Site (for use at the free water stations). There is a limited BYO policy at Babylon – this means two slabs of pre- packaged alcohol per vehicle is permitted into the event & a 6 pack per-person if coming on a bus. Please note there is a strict no glass policy.

  • There a full selection of food on sale at the event and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from many market stall operators from Victoria.
  • A stall will feature General Store supplies but it’s a good idea to visit St Arnaud first to top up supplies.
  • Cigarettes will not be for sale at the event.
  • Babylon will supply a cash out point on site, but it’s advisable to bring enough cash and to not rely on availability as these machines can run out, once their empty their empty. EFTPOS will not be available at the Bar’s so please come prepared.

Can I bring furniture or a couch?

Yes. At point of entry you will be charged $100 deposit to take your item on site. You will be issued with a receipt and as you leave, you show your furniture and receipt and you will be refunded. Any unclaimed deposits will go to removing the rubbish from site.

Is there a break in the music/downtime?

Camping sites are away from the music for taking a rest when needed. There will be times at the event with no music to take in the natural environments.

How do I apply for a stall at Babylon?

By visiting the ‘Get Involved’ page, from there you can apply via the application form.

What items are banned at Babylon?

Gas bottles, fires and naked flames are not permitted as it is bushfire season. No glass is permitted on site in any way, shape or form. Twirling sticks are permitted, just not fire sticks. A full list of prohibited items will be made available prior to the event.

What is Babylon doing about sustainability?

On site rubbish sorting and recycling is a big part of our efforts. Tree planting and water catchment will also be a part of our long term plans to develop the sites sustainability. Our “Ethos” section has some more info on all of these initiatives, as well as our “Leave Nothing But Footprints” policy.

How do I get a free birthday ticket to Babylon?

If your birthday falls between Feb 23 and Feb 25 you receive free entry to Babylon 2018. You must complete the birthday form here. 

What do I bring to Babylon and what do I leave at home?

What to Bring


  • A friendly, welcoming and respectful state of mind.
  • Government form of ID with a photo including Driver’s License, Keypass, Passport etc… as Babylon is an 18+ event
  • Clothes for all weather conditions – It will be cold at night and could be very hot during the day!
  • Towel and toiletries and bathers – for showers.
  • Water in a big container – you can refill your container at our water tank stations.
  • Camping equipment – a tent, a sleeping bag, a pillow, a blanket, a camping chair, a torch and other essential items to make sure you sleep comfortable and relax easily.
  • CASH! To buy food, drinks, ice etc…
  • Sunscreen and Insect Repellent – please remember to slip, slop, slap! There will be free sunscreen and insect repellent available at First Aid and Info Tent.
  • Healthy snacks to keep you feeling great.
  • Prescribed medications (if required) and a first aid kit.
  • $100 cash if you have large furniture including couches with you, as you will need to pay a deposit to bring it on site and you get refunded when you leave.

What to leave at home


  • Unwelcoming attitudes towards others or an attitude of disrespect toward the environment.
  • Children! We are an 18+ event
  • Any equipment capable of producing open flames of any kind including without limitation gas cookers, BBQs, gas bottles/cylinders, candles, lighters, flares, sparklers, pyrotechnics and fireworks;
  • Pets or animals (excluding guide dogs and police and emergency service dogs);
  • Weapons or items that may be used in a dangerous manner or cause injury to other Patrons such as selfie sticks;
  • Promotional material including stickers and flyers;
  • Illicit drugs & illegal substances;
  • Fireworks, flares, sparklers, candles, firelighters, no flames of any kind;
  • Glass of any kind;
  • Audio or video recording devices, excluding mobile phones;
  • Photography equipment: Cameras, DSLR Cameras and drones; Phones permitted
  • Sound systems and/or sound generators;
  • Portable generators or power equipment;
  • Portable laser equipment (including laser pens);
  • motorised vehicles.
  • Whipped Cream dispensers, chargers, you name it. Nangs will not be tolerated;
  • Unsealed plastic water or beverage bottles (excluding empty plastic water bottles)

What are the gate times for Babylon?

Babylon gates are open to the public during the below hours:

Fri February 23 10am – 1am

Sat February 24 10am  – midnight

Sun February 25 9am – 4pm

Mon February 26 Gate closed, no entry on Monday

What are some tips for making my entry into Babylon as easy and fast as possible?

Follow these tips to make your entry into Babylon as efficient and fast as possible.



  • Scantek – Please note Babylon is a user of the Scantek ID Scanner anyone who is looking to enter Babylon must be willing to put their ID into our scanning system, anyone not approved on the system will not be allowed entry to Babylon 2018 – So please don’t waste ours and you’re own time and stay at home.  


  • Print out a copy of your ticket or download it onto your phone. We prefer printouts due to the different types of phone, screen covers etc… making it harder to scan phone codes. NOTE, if your phone screen is damaged please print your ticket!!
  • If you have bought an online ticket the ticket must match the person who has bought the ticket – if you require a name change to be completed please do so prior to the event at
  • Have your valid ID ready. We only accept VALID/CURRENT Government forms of ID with a photo including Driver’s License, Keypass, Passport etc…
  • Attendees from overseas must bring their valid passport to gain entry. Overseas Driver’s License, Learner’s Permits, Student University and/or Public Transport cards will not be accepted.
  • Follow the instructions from the gate staff – say hello and give them a wave – they’re doing a great job!
  • Have $100 cash with you if you are bringing large furniture, including couches, with you.
  • Your vehicle will be searched so please avoid bringing banned items. It will delay or could refuse your entry into the event.
  • Police will be present at the event at all stages.

Will there be showers at Babylon?

Showers will be operating and will be open from 7am-11am & 5pm-10pm.

Why Scantek and how does it work?

With a remote site like Babylon it is hard to identify patrons and have the same level of CCTV that is present at city venues and event spaces. Scantek enables us to scan ID on entry prior to wrist-banding, allowing us to reject problem patrons. It also allows us to take a picture with an ID match, for post event investigations shall someone assault, steal, sexually harass etc… Having a matching photo to ID makes all patrons accountable for their behaviour.

What if I am unsure if I and banned in the Scantek system?

You can contact them on 1300 552 106 and check the status of your profile

What happens to the Scantek data?

After 28 days the data is deleted. However is can be requested by us in the case of an investigation by use of viewing photos with matching ID for identification purposes only. We do not get a copy of all the data

How will Babylon use Scantek?

We will use to reject banned patrons at the gate. We will also place people in the system for serious breaches of our community standards (including sexual harassment, theft, assault, trespass, drug dealing etc…).

Is Babylon BYO?

There is a limited BYO policy at Babylon – this means one case (or slab) of pre- packaged alcohol per two people (i.e up to three people are driving in one car, it is one case, if up to five people  are driving in one car, two cases are permitted). One slab per two people if coming on a bus is permitted. Please note there is a strict no glass policy.