Babylon will have an array of international and local performers roving throughout the festival.

  • Live art
  • Dancers
  • Roaming entertainment
  • Interactive installations

 Jovishnu aka Mr Pink


Many have been fortunate enough to witness the pink man roaming festivals around the world. Illuminating dance floors with his pinkness, and bringing laughter and smiles to all those who catch his eye.
Dressed in little but the paint that colours his skin, Mr Pink’s exuberant presence plays a pivotal role in the festival as a collaborative creative performance.
Throughout the years he’s been seen painted green, gold, blue, yellow – embodying the rainbow and bringing its hues to the festival space, becoming an active element in the festival as a magical experience.
Mr Pink’s performance is an interactive piece, getting into costume and roaming around the festival grounds is what he does best.
If he catches someone’s eye, he will go to them and have fun. When a person looks away, it tells me the interaction is over.
Following performances at some of the worlds largest events, Ozora, Burning Man and Boom, Mr Pink will grace Babylon Festival with his once in a lifetime experience.

  Alomoss Design


Echoing the vast landscape, beauty and vulnerability of nature whilst exploring emotive and transient states of being, Alomoss Design’s work takes on an introspective existence that plays with the unconscious mind as a means to unlock the power of imagination. 

Her works span across many mediums including everyday materials “There’s a beauty to these ordinary objects, a wonderful sense of surprise when rediscovering the material, highlighting a texture that you may not have realised at first.”
She hopes to highlight the beauty that can be found in mundane, rejected objects, stimulating a potentially enlightening, self-reflective experience that energises our relationship to our natural world, each other and ourselves.
“Working with recycled mundane materials is fascinating to me, how we can transform trash/waste and give it a new life stimulates my connection to the creative process and to the world around me.