Scantek Initiative

In light of recent events, it has been well documented that there is a rise in anti-social behaviour at outdoor camping festivals. We have been monitoring this closely as it is an issues that concerns us and our vision for Babylon. The process of implementing a system that helps deter this kind of activity was one we spent a long time considering, and the eventual decision was not made lightly.

Scantek has been a breakthrough in curbing patron behaviour in venues across Australia by refusing entry to persons who have been banned from venues or events for anti-social behaviour. This behaviour includes violence, sexual harassment, illegal entry/trespass, drug dealing, abuse of staff, alcohol and drug abuse, criminal gang activity, and a list of others –

There is a presence of anti-social patrons at public events that are held in rural areas, and venues where Scantek is not used. We simply do not want these people at our events either.

As a promoter who’s care for patron safety and security is paramount, we are introducing Scantek at our events bringing us inline with best practices nationally and ensuring the best possible behaviour from attendees at all our events.

Patrons reported and caught behaving in unacceptable behaviour will be added to the Scantek system and removed from the event. So, theft from tents, sexual harassment of any kind, intimidating behaviour, supplying drugs or spiking drinks, fence jumping and trespassing will now not only mean being handed over to police, but also long-lasting consequences for being able to attend thousands of events and venues around the country.

Patrons who have already purchased a ticket that are banned in the Scantek database and reach out to us in advance will qualify for a refund. Contact must be made via email to minimum 72 hours prior to Babylon 2018. Patrons who are in the Scantek system and get caught at the event on arrival will be denied entry without refund.

So please don’t waste your time and money and show up at Babylon 2018 If you are currently banned in the Scantek database as you won’t be allowed entry or receive a refund.

Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and one we can continue to evolve as part of an ongoing effort to keep the majority or our amazing patrons, their friends and their belongings safe.


Babylon Festival Team