Babylon welcomes those revellers wishing to participate in the creation of something truly spectacular. With like minds we collaborate to create a space free of everyday pressure, judgement and limitations, surrounded by friends and likeminded futurists, artists and performers.

Becoming involved at either Babylon VIC or involves a minimum of 12 hours (3 x 4 hour shifts or 2 x 6 hour shifts) in total across the event, unless you otherwise want to do more in which case we can utilise your skills and enthusiasm.

Securing your place on the volunteering team (and your ticket to the event!) is a simple 3 step process:

1) You complete this online application following the button below

2) If accepted you will notified, and within an allocated timeframe If successful you need to formalise your position by taking the Volunteer Pledge (which details the terms and conditions of volunteering and make the $25 payment to formalise your position on the crew! (This is a non refundable payment which ensures your ticket generation to the event).

3) Your allocated shift times, position descriptions and other pre-event info will be released in the 2 weeks prior to the event.

** Your $25 non refundable payment goes straight to costs directly associated with Volunteer Program from the managers who put the schedules together, volunteer’s uniforms and our Public Liability Insurances. Upon acceptance into the program you will receive a special Babylon Drink Flask.

*** Please also note should your hours not be completed or not be completed in a sober or to a reasonable standard at the discretion of our Volunteers Manager you may be subject to full payment of an early access ticket price of $329.95  (let’s stick to this)

Positions include, but are not limited to:
  • Front Gate: assisting in the scanning and wrist-banding of patrons
  • Waste: keeping the event in tip-top condition, promoting waste practices, picking up and sorting rubbish etc.
  • Keepers of Babylon: our community engagement/crowd care program
  • Info tent: assisting patrons access to event information, lost property etc.

Volunteer FAQs

Do I need to buy a ticket?

No, you don’t need to buy a ticket if your application is successful. All volunteers receive a free Volunteer Ticket to Babylon.

How many hours do I have to volunteer for?

Generally we ask of our volunteers to complete 2 x 5 hour shifts in exchange for a ticket to the event, this includes camping.

When do I find out if I have been accepted as a volunteer?

You will receive an email from volunteers@babylon.net.au offering you a position and instructing you how to accept it.
You will also be emailed if you have been placed on our waiting list, and will be notified ASAP if another spot becomes available.

Do I get meals and accomodation when volunteering?

No. All participants must provide their own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, mat etc) and bring their own food or money to buy food on site.

Is there a volunteer camping area?

No, there is not a specific camping area for volunteers who volunteer during the festival. Volunteers camp in the general camping area.

When do I get sent my volunteer ticket?

Ticketing procedures will be confirmed within 2 weeks of the event.

When do I find out what role and shift times I have been allocated?

All shift allocations; position descriptions and arrival procedures will be made available within 2 weeks of the event.
Your allocated shifts will take into consideration your provided availability given in your application form, if this changes please email Freya on volunteers@babylon.net.au

Do I have to be on site at a specific time as a volunteer?

The short answer is no.
It is advised you aim to be onsite a minimum 2 hours prior to your initial start time so that you can park your vehicle and set up camp.
You may arrive any time during the event, and if your first shift starts prior to gates opening your coordinator will advise how this affects you.

Can I arrive early if I volunteer?

There are limited opportunities to volunteer before and after the event. In the case you are assigned shifts outside of the festival’s official opening and closing you will be issued early entry. This does not include any friends you may be travelling with that are not volunteering.

What should I bring to my shift(s)?

Babylon takes place in the glory of Australian summer – you need to come prepared for extreme weather conditions and look after yourself! We want your experience to be safe and stress-free! Please bring a refillable water bottle (even though we will supply you with a Babylon drinking flask), snacks, sunscreen, enclosed-toe shoes, a hat, a scarf or dust mask (festivals can be dusty), and lots of warm/wet weather gear at night time.

This is a camping festival – many hours away from a major city, resourcefulness and self-reliance is key. 

Can I work with my friends?

We will do our best to schedule you with friends if you list someone in your application who is also successful in receiving a position.
However, please note that this cannot be guaranteed and should not be an expectation of volunteering. 

How do I accept my volunteering position at Babylon?

You MUST log into Babylon online volunteer portal, read the contract, and make sure your credit card details are valid, then click ACCEPT in order to accept your position. Make sure you have sufficient funds on your credit card to cover the $25 fee before you attempt to accept your position.
If you don’t do this before the cut off date stated in your offer email, the offer will be given to someone else.

If I cancel my volunteer position, do I get the $25 application fee refunded?

No. Once you accept your position and pay for your t-shirt, you are committing to working at Babylon. The $25 also contributes to the administrative costs of your involvement in the program and related insurances to have you working on site. 

My phone number, email or bank card details have changed since I applied, what do I do?

Please log into your portal and update your details ASAP to make sure you don’t miss any important info.

Have any further questions?

email volunteers@babylon.net.au